Politicususa is reporting that “NBC is considering dumping David Gregory as host of Meet The Press,” which is great news except if it’s true that he might be replaced by Joe Scarborough, the main host of Morning Joke Joe.

I am not a fan of the show. However, my main problem is not with Joe Scarborough, although this doesn’t mean that I have no problem with him. My biggest complaint against the show is about Mika Brzezinski. Where do I begin?

For starters, she’s a fake. Nothing about her personality is authentic. She pretends that she’s a serious commentator, pretends that she knows her stuff, pretends to have a strong character, and pretends to keep Joe in line. But the worst is that she pretends to care. Even her outrage looks fake.

Mika is obviously uncomfortable in her own skin. She behaves as someone who feels that she’s not good enough. She overcompensates with a host of mannerisms and behaviors that make her look even more unprofessional, if that’s possible. She makes intellectual-wannabe faces to show her disagreement, she scratches her head, she licks her fingers before turning the pages of her notes, she constantly drinks coffee from a tall carry-out cup as if she were sitting in Starbucks reading a book by herself instead of co-hosting a news show.  And, no, this constant coffee drinking is not part of her contract. Starbucks is no longer sponsoring the show (although Dunkin Donuts might be). I actually feel sorry for her when I’m not furious with her.

However, I’m furious with her all the time. Mika is supposed to be the left’s counter punch to Scarborough’s right-wing nuttiness, but instead she’s practically his punching bag. That’s when he’s not ignoring her and drowning out her comments with his loud monologues. On those occasions when she musters up the courage to  confront him, all that Scarborough has to do is raise his voice and she not only backs down from her position, she goes into brown-nosing mode. Most of the time she’s either moving her head up and down agreeing with him or hypnotically staring at him while he talks. It could be that she’s secretly in love with him or that “Sweet dreams are made of this…some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.”

I’ve read that Scarborough hand-picked  Mika to co-host the show. I don’t wonder why. He needed someone intellectually inferior to him, that he could control and bully, in order to easily peddle the right-wing rhetoric that he disguises under a mantle of moderate conservatism. It’s either that or he’s secretly in love with her?! Who knows? However, some kind of bizarre sado-masochistic thing is going on between those two.

If you have any doubt, just look at the photo below. What was Mika thinking? Right, she wasn’t. Then again, they might think that this is the formula for success even though, “As of April 2013, Morning Joe is the lowest rated of the big three cable news morning shows in both total viewers and the younger demographic,” according to Wikipedia.

If Joe Scarborough were committed to a serious news commentary show with real debate, he would have chosen another Brzezinski to co-host his show, the one that told him that he was “stunningly superficial,” back in 2008. It’s too bad that Mika doesn’t possess half of the intellect and courage of her father.

Morning Joe is a show where the male conservative host is stunningly superficial and the female liberal one is stunningly fake, stunningly insecure, and stunningly ineffectual. In other words, the show is a joke, and I’m not laughing.