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My Beef With Apple

Don’t let the title of this post mislead you. This is not a recipe for a new dish. This is a post about my frustrations with Apple, the company not the fruit (which is why it’s capitalized). Sorry, I get snarky when I’m mad. My beef with Apple is simply that it is no longer simple to use their products, more specifically their software products. Although I have to say that in hardware they’ve also made some dumb mistakes. For example, moving the iPhone’s power button to the side (I’m tired of getting the volume control visual in the middle of...

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The Dead Zone

This is not going to be a very long post. First, let me start by admitting that although I’ve been trying to take a breather from all the Trump news, it hasn’t been easy. Trump news are everywhere and everyone is talking about him. This is not surprising considering the pace at which we’re being shocked, daily, sometimes multiple times within the same day. In any case, as hard as I tried to escape Trumpland, I somehow ended up reading an article about The Dead Zone, a novel written by Stephen King in 1979. According to the article, the...

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Trayvon Martin: Rest In Peace

I had plans to write another piece.  Something funny or sarcastic about Republicans and how foolish they are these days. I have so much material from which to draw inspiration. But I cannot. I am heartbroken. For the past couple of days I have an image and a name seared in my memory. The name is Trayvon Martin. The image is the one on this post. Take a good look at this photo (if you haven’t already).  It says a lot. When I first saw it,  the eyes, the smile, carried one message, “Trayvon Martin, was a good kid.”...

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Susan Sarandon Is So Wrong

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. How long? Almost a year, since Susan Sarandon said that she wasn’t sure if she would vote for Clinton in a Clinton/Trump presidential ticket on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes show: “I think Bernie would probably encourage people [to vote Clinton], because he doesn’t have a lot of ego in this,” she said. “But I think a lot of people are, ‘Sorry, I just can’t bring myself to do that.’” As for herself, “I don’t know. I’m going to see what happens.” “Really?” an incredulous Hayes asked. “Some people feel...

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Crazy About Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Right after I got over the shock of the November election (a little over a week ago), I’ve been searching for entertainment that lets me really escape. I haven’t been too successful escaping reality with books. I’ve just finished reading The Dead Zone by Stephen King which features a character eerily similar to Donald Trump, and I’m currently reading Why The Right Went Wrong-From Goldwater To The Tea Party & Beyond.  We are now at “beyond”. So, what better way to get away from the crazy than choosing a show with “crazy” in its title? I hesitated a lot...

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