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Cain Is Definitely…Not Able

Herman Cain is not fit to become our country’s next president. Yet, he now is  “The Great Black Hope,” in a life-does-not-imitate-art ironic twist.  Let me explain.  In the 1970 movie The Great White Hope James Earl Jones plays the role of a black boxing champion who faces opposition from a white boxing establishment that wants to defeat him.  Today, in real-life America, this black presidential candidate has been embraced by a white-majority GOP electorate (according to various new polls, he is now the most popular Republican presidential candidate) through his ultra conservative policy proposals which he packages in simplistic, catchy terms. ...

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Steve Jobs: A Hell Of A Job

For the last 48 hours I’ve been, mostly sitting on my hands and staring at a blank screen, wondering if I should write something about Steve Jobs. Let’s face it, what could I possibly say about Jobs that hasn’t already been said in the two days since the announcement of his death? I felt deeply sad when I heard the news. I found out about his passing through an SMS that my husband sent from his iPhone to mine. I am typing this post on a MacBook Air.  Yes, I know, this “curiosity” has also been discussed. How millions...

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Do Parental Controls Need To Be Revisited?

Hackers Laugh At Parental Controls Did you ever think you would hear the words pornography and Sesame Street in the same sentence? Well, now you have.  That’s thanks to hackers who, on October 16th, turned the YouTube Sesame Street page into a porno site for the 20 minutes that it took for the site to be taken down. The Sesame Street YouTube channel is currently down after it fell victim on Sunday to a nefarious hacking entity that removed all of its content, then reprogrammed the page with hardcore porn. Beneath the familiar Sesame Street logo, the page’s banner read, “I’TS [sic] WHERE PORN LIVES.”...

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