Hackers Laugh At Parental Controls

Did you ever think you would hear the words pornography and Sesame Street in the same sentence? Well, now you have.  That’s thanks to hackers who, on October 16th, turned the YouTube Sesame Street page into a porno site for the 20 minutes that it took for the site to be taken down.

The Sesame Street YouTube channel is currently down after it fell victim on Sunday to a nefarious hacking entity that removed all of its content, then reprogrammed the page with hardcore porn.

Beneath the familiar Sesame Street logo, the page’s banner read, “I’TS [sic] WHERE PORN LIVES.” The page featured a 7-minute clip of an adult film, which, according to one knowledgeable Reddit user, is First Anal Quest: Angelica. It stayed up for 20 minutes. [Gawker]

What Are Parents To Do?

You really have to be sick to put up triple X-rated material on a site targeted to toddlers and young children.  But that’s our reality in a 21st-centrury high-tech world.  So what is a parent to do?  If children can be exposed to material that is way beyond their age and emotional maturity due to malicious hacking, is it time for an extreme type of parental control?  That is, should parents eliminate computer usage altogether for very young children?  Maybe a return to playing with a stick in the mud is a good alternative, but if that sounds too pre-historic, then an age-appropriate DVD collection might just do the trick.