Wow, has it been one month already since I last wrote? I was under the impression that it had been two weeks.

I’m having somewhat of a writer’s block. I say “somewhat” because, to me, writer’s block is not being able to write at all. I have been able; I just don’t like anything that I write.

I tried writing about “13 Reasons Why” three times and ended up trashing each version. I’ve always been critical about my writing, but never like this.

On the one hand, I believe that I have to improve the quality of my writing. I need to be clearer, more concise. I have no doubt about this whatsoever. To achieve this goal, I’ve been watching a class on writing and have bought a book on editing. On the other hand, I find that everything that I write is banal.¬†Right at this very moment, I’m already wondering if it’s worth it to go on writing this post.

I’ve tried to figure out the reason(s) why I’m feeling this way. I think that I’m overwhelmed. Every morning when I wake up the first thing that I do is reach for the phone to read the news. Every day there’s something more scandalous than the day before.

But beyond the scandals, I read about the policies, the elimination of regulations to keep our water and air clean. I read the budget plans. CNN reports that Trump’s budget cuts $800 billion in Medicaid. ¬†TIME reports that the budget will “include deep cuts to food stamps programs”. I look at how the Obamacare repeal was passed in the House. I see how the Freedom Caucus (Tea Party) wanted more cuts that would be even more detrimental to average Americans, all in service of their ideology. I cringe at the GOP’s decision to pass their cruel agenda at any cost, even if it means accepting Russian interference in our election, conflicts of interest, chaos, gross incompetence, the list is long.

Where are we going to end up? If Trump is impeached, Pence takes over. Pence, a man whose extremism might be worse than Trump’s as it will be exercised in silence. If not Pence, then it’s Paul Ryan, whose vision of the world is based on a fictional novel written by Ayn Rand.

Anyway, this was not supposed to be a political post. Yet, I realize that my current state has a lot, if not everything, to do with my anxiety about what’s happening right now and the kind of future that will result from it.

I know that we must be strong, stay committed, resist, persist. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.