Remember when McCain came up with the slogan “Country First”?  What a joke that was, considering that the country was the last thing on his mind.  At that time, the only thing McCain was putting first was McCain.  After all,  if he had really been thinking about his country first, he would have never saddled us with Sarah Palin.

Politicians are usually well-versed in political doublespeak.  But ever since George W. Bush’s presidency, Republicans have taken political doublespeak to new heights lows.  I call this devolution GOP oppositespeak.  Once in a while, however, regardless of how much prepping a candidate is put through, we get to see the real person behind the facade.  We must pay close attention to those moments, because in seconds they reveal more than any speech ever could.

This is certainly true of this video from a Romney/Ryan campaign stop in Ohio last Tuesday:

I don’t think that I have ever witnessed such a combination of egotistical and pathetic behavior by a political candidate.  Romney looks so un-presidential, so petty, and so ridiculous that I fluctuate between feeling sorry for him and wanting to slap him.

But I’ll give him credit for this, at least he wasn’t saying one thing and meaning another. No, in one of  the most authentic moments of his campaign, he was revealing what counts the most for him:  Romney first.