It’s the last day of 2013 and I couldn’t let the year end without giving you a list about something. Why write a substantial post about what I’ve learned in 2013 or about what I think the future holds for over-partied tea drunkards when it’s a known fact that everyone loves lists?

Besides, I wanted to give you, my reader (whether a loyal one or one just discovering the site), the comfort of having one place to find all of Opinionista’s top posts since the site was launched in February 2012.  Yes, I’m really doing all this for you. It’s either that or it’s New Year’s Eve and urgent last-minute things-to-do await, like a mani-pedi. A woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.

Whatever the reason, here they are:

1. Why Do Most Men Suck In Bed: Although I had a feeling that my men-suck-in-bed posts (3 were planned, 2 were written) would be very popular, I never thought that one would occupy the #1 position. I thought that distinction would go to a post on politics. But, this post is firmly planted at the top. It has been read almost 4 times more than the #2 post. I guess that means that I’ve hit the spot, and of course I don’t mean the G one.

2. The Thong: Only A Man Could Have Invented It: Speaking of the G-spot, this post makes the argument that something other than fabric should be the only thing able to reach it, while giving the history of the present-day thong. It’s history but even male genitals are discussed. That’s right, this is not your usual history post.

3. Obamacare: That’s Right, Obama Cares: One of my all-time favorite posts, I was convinced that this would be Opinionista’s top post. I should have known that sex would beat out politics as it usually happens in real life (Weiner and Spitzer, anyone?). While I’m a political buff, my real passion is political communication, and my pet peeve is how badly the Democratic leadership handles it. This is, probably, my most heartfelt written post.

4. Santorum’s 15 Minutes: Can’t We Make It 5? Frankly, I don’t know why this post occupies the #4 spot. It’s not at all my usual stuff. It’s 218 words (vs. my usual 700-800) and therefore lacks my usual intensity . It has probably something to do with search engine algorithms and Santorum being some kind of popular keyword, stuff on which I’m still woefully ignorant. It’s simple, either I write my posts or I spend my time wondering how to get readers to read the posts that I’m not writing because I’m too busy trying to find out how to get them to come to my site to read my posts. It’s clear, right?

5. Most Men Suck In Bed: I was convinced that this would be the most-read post of the most-men-suck-in-bed series (if you can call two posts a series). Actually, it’s called a duology, although I was leaning towards bilogy. But, anyway, I thought that before readers would want to know why most men suck in bed, they would want to know why I reached the conclusion that they do. Besides that, I feel that this post is the better-written of the two. But, the customer  reader is king/queen royal, although I’m not getting any royalties for either one, unfortunately.

6. Is Compulsory Voting The Cure For Voter Suppression?: I’m authentically for personal freedom and little government intervention. That’s why I’m pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, you know, a liberal. But I’m also for anything that can stop the blatant voter suppression tactics being used by today’s GOP. Compulsory voting seems to be an effective tool against voter suppression, but one that I doubt will ever be adopted in our nation. After all, voter suppression isn’t the only obstruction tool expertly used by today’s Grand Old Party.

7. The Substance & Form Of Marco Rubio’s SOTU Response: After President Obama finished his State of The Union speech back in February 2013, I was tempted to turn off the TV. I didn’t want to watch the GOP response because, well, a GOP’er was going to be giving it. But, I was curious about Marco Rubio, the Republican’s Party  rising star since the previous November, when the tea-infused party had apparently woken up and had smelled the [Cuban] coffee (that didn’t last long, as you know). I’m so glad I went against my initial impulse. Rubio’s SOTU response was a rich source of information and delivered one of the most fun times I’ve had writing a post.

8. Mitch McConnell Must Go: It is shocking to see what the tea party has done to our political environment. It is shocking to see what havoc was created by billionaires like the Koch brothers financing politically greedy newcomers like Ted Cruz. But what is truly shameful is how establishment Republicans allowed it all to happen. One Republican did even worse. Mitch McConnell with his statement, ”my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president,” ignited the Republican scorched-earth, obstructionist strategy that has resulted in one of the least effective Congresses in the history of our country. This is unforgivable, and for this he deserves to be voted out in 2014.

9. Are Americans Illogical When It Comes To Punctuation?  This post mostly deals with the placement of the period in relation to quotation marks. Besides the fact that grammar is my second-favorite writing subject after politics, I strongly feel that we Americans should adopt the British’s logical punctuation style of placing the period after the quotation marks. After all, didn’t we learn English from them? Yes, it’s a post about punctuation, but you must read it. Period.

10. Romney’s Gish Gallop For Gallup: Everyone, and most specifically, President Obama was flabbergasted to see Mitt Romney’s performance during the first Presidential debate in October 2012. I thought that he was manic. While, afterwards, the media gave him high marks for his performance, I thought that the content of his discourse was fluff and that he had  only shown a level of life energy which we thought him incapable of having.  No wonder the media went crazy over it. What I found later on was that Romney adopted a debate style called the Gish gallop, and this post was born.

So, this is it. I was initially tempted to include the top 20 posts, but I’m already over 1000 words, and I’m sure that you also have urgent last-minute things to get done before next year. Speaking of next year, that’s when I’ll be back with new posts. Of course, I’m talking about next week.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope it brings you many good things.

All the best,

The Opinionista.