As if it weren’t bad enough that he saddled us with Sarah Palin, John McCain has continued to be the perpetrator of sorry deeds ever since the 2008 election.

His dislike of President Obama is so boundless that he has marred a great career of civic and military service to his country with pettiness, stubborn resistance and too many dumb appearances on TV.

One of his latest anti-administration crusades is his involvement in the Susan Rice/Benghazi affair. I have read numerous articles on this subject and it’s still not clear to me why he’s so opposed to the idea of Ms. Rice becoming Secretary of State.  Actually, that’s not accurate.  It is very clear to me that the only reason for his opposition is to go against President Obama who, apparently, is very keen on nominating Rice.

But, beyond his hostility against the President, I’ve started to wonder if McCain has a problem with women.  He doesn’t seem to respect them. Clear evidence of this is that he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.  By doing this not only did he ignore more highly-qualified women like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the senior GOP senator from Texas, he also greatly underestimated women voters (who, in the end, did not go for the Republican ticket just because he had chosen a woman).

Another example is related to the news that Ashley Judd might run against Mitch McConnell in 2014.  One of the first on-camera reactions, from the GOP, was given by John McCain who said this,” I must say that in the area of who’s the most attractive, there’s very little debate.”  A bit later, after probably realizing the level of sexism in his statement, he blabbered on about how McConnell should take Judd’s challenge seriously, if she decides to run.  But by then, I was seriously considering how he has become a total joke.

However, I think I actually know what is really wrong with John McCain.  He’s suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) not from his 5.5 years as a POW in Vietnam, but from having lost to Barack Obama in 2008.  John McCain is still traumatized that he, a decorated war veteran and experienced Senator, lost to a virtual unknown who Palin derogatorily referred to as a “community organizer.”

His current behavior must be due to the anger stress he feels from President Obama winning a second term. He can’t accept it, so he keeps hammering the Benghazi issue as many in his party believe that, on this subject, Romney should have pushed harder during the foreign policy Presidential debate.

Back in 2005, when Democrats were questioning Condoleeza Rice’s nomination as Secretary of State because she had lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, McCain said, “I can only conclude that we are doing this for no other reason than because of lingering bitterness over the outcome of the election.”

In 2012, I conclude the same about the Republicans and John McCain.