In a previous post, Dummy vs. Idiot, I define the difference between these two terms by looking back at the Bush administration.  In case you don’t have time to read it:  dummy is to idiot what Bush is to Rumsfeld, for example.

Today, I can give you a more updated example.  Dummy is to idiot what Romney is to Trump. You might be wondering how I reached this conclusion, although I doubt it. It seems so obvious.  But I’ll go ahead, nonetheless.

Let’s start with Romney.  Mittens is a dummy on two levels. First of all he’s showing very little intelligence (and political acumen) by associating with a guy who continues to doubt President Obama’s birth certificate and U.S. citizenship.  An issue that has categorically been put to rest.  Secondly, he’s a dummy, a mere puppet uttering the words of, and allowing his strings to be pulled by, the most extreme faction of the Republican Repugnant party and by anyone with enough money to buy his soul.

Now let’s turn to Trump.  When high-profile, [very] Republican CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tells Trump that he is “…beginning to sound a little ridiculous,”  shouldn’t this be a sign to Trump that he really needs to stop?  I guess not. Not to a guy who doubts the authenticity of President Obama’s released short-form birth certificate, otherwise known as “Certification of Birth,” an official document issued in most states.  Not to a guy who that surely has seen copies of  two 1961 Hawaiian newspapers that announced the birth of Barack Obama on August 4th of the same year.  If his continued beating of this dead horse is not a sign that he’s a total idiot, I don’t know what is.

Therefore, I think that The Donald deserves a new nickname.  I thought of crowning him “The Birther” but I think that title is owned by rabid right-winger, Jerome Corsi, author of the pulled-from-the-shelves book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.”  Then, I thought of  “The Idiot,” but too many in today’s GOP could carry that title.  No, he needs something especially suited to his brand of idiocy:  lending Romney his business and marketing shrewdness in the pursuit of distortion, and divisiveness instead of focusing on our economic challenges, like job creation.

So from now on, if you read anything from me about The Donald, don’t be surprised if I use what I believe to be a more appropriate moniker for him:  The Birthiot.