The 2nd Presidential debate is over and as I’ve done with the 1st  Presidential and VP debates, I want to share with you my initials thoughts.

1. President Obama brought his A-game last night, and since his game is basketball, it’s obvious what I’m going to say next: He slam-dunked the debate.

2. Mitt Romney frequently invaded President Obama’s space and showed a level of disrespect that shocked me. Although, maybe it shouldn’t have, since this is the same guy who disrespects almost half of all Americans. Why would he respect a President who stands up for that same 47%?

I was especially shocked when he got in the President’s face to ask him if he looked at his pension and revealed that the President also has investments in companies outside the U.S. This brings me to my next thought.

3. How does Romney know about President Obama’s investments? Has he obtained this information in an illicit manner? Even if he obtained it in a clean way, the way he “presented” it was really creepy.  I can very well imagine Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, and Romney himself poring over President Obama’s private documents.

4. I didn’t have to wait until CNN’s post-debate poll to know who had won. If I hadn’t reached this decision from watching President Obama’s strong performance, all I had to do was look at Ann Romney’s pinched face and overall demeanor when she greeted Mitt after the debate. You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words?  Her face showed two: “you lost,” or maybe it was actually three words: “You were terrible.”

5.  There is one more presidential debate pending.  It will be on foreign policy.  Considering that the Democrats have won 2 of the last 3 debates, I am worried about what this will do to Romney’s mental well-being and, as a result, to his behavior at the next debate.  He is not only capable of saying anything, but he’s also quite capable of bullying the debates’ moderators, as we saw him do to Jim Lehrer and try to do with Candy Crowley.

He may not believe in entitlements, but it’s clear that he believes that he’s always entitled to have the last word.  On Nov. 6th, let’s show him otherwise.