This week I haven’t been able to write a post until today. You could call it writer’s block, but I’ve decided to call it RWNJ’s block. After writing that maybe we should default and that President Obama’s impeachment is the GOP’s endgame, I realized that last week I was driven quite cuckoo by the antics of the GOP.

I’m suffering from RWNJ’s block because I feel that everything has already been said and because the extremism is so radical that it has left me aghast. But, most of all I’m suffering from RWNJ’s block because of the realization that I can’t block them out of my country and my life, at least for now.

So, I’ve decided to tell you some of the themes (in bold underneath) that I’ve considered writing about this week. Normally, I could have taken any one of them and developed it into a full-blown post. Maybe next week.

1. President Obama’s biggest mistake:  has been underestimating the GOP’s opposition. It is very likely that he has done so because he believes that human nature is inherently good. Personally, I prefer his way of looking at the world than the way someone like Dick Cheney does, for example.

2. Why the Democrats haven’t communicated better on a host of issues from Obamacare to the GOP’s inhumanity in opposing it:  I’ve written many posts about political communication and how Dems need to get better at it. Count this one as a recurring theme.

3. Intelligent, decent Republicans should quit the GOP: My father was a life-long Republican until the day that he realized that the Bush administration lied about Iraq’s WMD’s. Now that he sees what the GOP has turned into, he wonders how some of his friends are still Republican.

4. The White House should have hired Apple or Amazon to do the ACA website.  I hate giving the GOP any ammunition.

5. Why is Twitter still limited to 140 characters? : Ok, so this is not on politics, but I can’t get it out of my head.  I have one message for Twitter “New IPO, New Rules!”

I don’t have a lot more to add except that, I’m hoping that, starting next Monday I’ll be over my RWNJ’s block. In the meantime, rest assured, I will never stop blocking any RWNJ that comes my way. I’m hoping that I won’t confuse things if I call it the RWNJ block.