Fox News’ Liz Trotta thinks that women in the military should “expect” to be raped.  Come on, let’s face it. What were those feminists thinking? Instead of keeping women safely in the home, where they belong, those iron fisted, steely eyed fanatics insisted on equality. They pestered and bothered everyone until women were allowed to work alongside men, in shops, in schools, in offices, even in the army.

Then the rapes started. Well of course they did. Anyone knows that if a man spends more than a couple of minutes in the company of a woman, even if she happens to be doing nothing more provocative than sitting behind a desk, his instincts just take over. The testosterone mist descends. He becomes a wild animal. In such a situation, rape isn’t a risk, it’s an inevitability.

This is especially  true in the military where ridiculously huge numbers of women have chosen to dedicate their lives to protecting the country they love. The figures speak for themselves: out of an active duty force of 1.43 million, women comprise a whopping 200,000 or 14%. That’s one woman for every seven men – practically thicker than fleas on a dog.

The fact that until very recently, women were banned from serving in any group smaller than a battalion is irrelevant. Even if they were surrounded by 3,500 other soldiers and well away from the rigors of active combat, that didn’t mean that seeing them provocatively flying helicopters or running communications wouldn’t drive the poor innocent grunts who had to work with them helpless with lust.

And do the feminists take responsibility for their foolishness? Far from it.  They expect the government  to pay for all kinds of expensive counseling and support for those women who have been “raped too much.”  Please, we all know that rape is like beer, or fast food – OK in moderation. These counseling programs are  costing employers and the military millions of dollars.  That money could be spent on weapons and recruiting more male soldiers. It could be spent on creating jobs for unemployed men. Before you know it, these feminists will be insisting that those poor men who were forced into rape should be prosecuted and sent to jail.

It’s time the madness stopped. Women should be taken out of the armed forces right now. The rapes would cease; the wasteful counseling and support would become unnecessary. Men could get on with killing people without the distraction of females spoiling their concentration. And it doesn’t need to stop with the military. If women just went back to doing what they’re good at – running a house and bringing up children – then the world would be a safer and richer place.

It only remains for Liz Trotta to get the ball rolling. Instead of flaunting her feminine charms under the noses of the sad old hacks who work with her at Fox News, she should do the decent thing, resign at once and trot out of here.