I’ve just received an email from Jeremy Bird, National Field Director for Obama for America.  The title of the email is:  Introducing the Obama 2012 bumper sticker.

I don’t know if it’s that introductory word “introducing”— that in the real world is usually accompanied by a drum roll and followed by a person or thing that we are really dying to see—that got me to expect a really cool, progressive bumper sticker.  But when I opened the email this is what I got:







and I was tempted to write back this reply:

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy,

my dear Jeremy, when are you guys going to get it together when it comes to political communication?  Do you actually think that this bumper sticker is exciting? That’s it?  Red, White and Blue? Yes, I know that you have to show patriotism so that the President doesn’t get accused of being an un-American socialist, but don’t you know that you’re still going to get some slack for not choosing the right shade of blue (the one on the flag)?  Also, did you have to put red on top? Have you ever heard of subliminal messages? Look,  you’re not really doing the flag so why follow the “red, white and blue” formula?

What about a slogan?  You know a catchy one like:   Building The Future Today or one tied to the inspirational 2008 election:  Yes We Still Can,  Yes We Will, or Change IS Coming! No? Ok, then, what about  a simple:  Re-Elect?

I’ve often thought that Republicans steal our message and distort it, but I’ve just realized that the real problem is that we have no message. Remember healthcare? No wonder it’s been so easy for them to control the narrative.  I shouldn’t be so disappointed.  In fact, I should be used to it by now.  After all, what can I expect from a party that has an ass for its mascot?