Even as I’m typing these words, I am still hesitating whether or not to click on “Publish,” when I’m done writing this post.

You see, I write a lot about politics, which is a serious subject—even when I’m talking about today’s GOP—since they are seriously F#%D Up or seriously laughable, depending on the day.

So, I was wondering if I would lose credibility by letting you know that I watch Gossip Girl.  It’s no secret that I love TV series, but there are TV series and, then, there are TV SERIES.   The West Wing, The Wire, Mad Men, Treme, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, any of these would let you know that I like TV series that provide intellectual stimulation.  But, come on…Gossip Girl?

Yes, I started watching it to give my mind a much-needed fluff break.  Although, now in hindsight, if I wanted to clear my mind I should have tried meditation.  But anyway, “I watched and I liked” as the early seasons had interesting, well-written plots (for the genre) and Gossip Girl became one of my guilty pleasures.

Then came season 5 which can be resumed like this:  Blair & Louis, Blair & Chuck, Blair & Louis, Blair & Dan (WTF?), Blair & Chuck.

Three days ago we had the start of Season 6, which thankfully will only have 10 episodes. I’m expecting 9 of them to be a mess and the 10th one to be a jump forward to try to clean up the mess of the previous 9. But, anyway, this is what I got from the first episode:

– Rufus has turned into a total idiot. But, what can one expect with a name like that?

-Lily has turned into a witch or, more appropriately, back into a materialistic bitch.

– Dan badly needs a good haircut.

-Nate is still mateless but heading for a hook-up with someone who will probably turn out to be Diana Payne’s plant.

-Blair & Chuck same ‘ol, same ‘ol:  hot sex, deep love, can’t be together…

-Serena almost died of a drug overdose, on a train, but inexplicably ends up with a young, handsome, rich guy from Poughkeepsie “the other side of the park.”   You know as in Central Park, in Manhattan, on the other side of Lily’s apartment, who apparently doesn’t read the press, surf the internet, or follow Gossip Girl since he was not familiar with Serena and believed that she was Sabrina from Wisconsin.  Unless, of course, he’s only pretending not to have recognized her so that he can go ahead with his sinister plot to steal her wardrobe, or something.

Yet, I continue to watch even though Gossip Girl is no longer a pleasure and I’m ashamed that I’m totally wasting my time. I’d like to think that it’s because I like to finish what I start, but this sounds as lame as Gossip Girl’s recent plots.  It’s a good thing that you don’t know who I am.