This is not the kind of post that I usually write. I will not discuss how I think that Matthew McConaughey should have won Best Actor in a drama series or that the Emmys really need to add “dramedy” as a category.

Today, I just want to have fun. Let’s talk about [some of] those dresses. If you want to see larger photos of the dresses, zoom in, and/or see the actresses heads, click here.

THE GOOD: I loved these dresses and the way that they were worn by the stars. I hope I’m not leaving any worthy ones out. But if I am, I’ll come back and include them.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.11.47Michelle Dockery: For years, ever since I re-did the tiles in one of my bathrooms,  I’ve known that blue, green and white is a killer combination. But this mix has never looked better than on the Downton Abbey star. Three words: originality, class and elegance.



Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.25.16Lizzy Caplan: The Masters of Sex star mastered simplicity and sophistication.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 19.23.04Natalie Dormer: Combined orange and black  to perfection and she’s not even in Orange Is The New Black.




Screenshot 2014-08-28 06.40.23Kerry Washington: Wore another kind of orange, but looked great in this dress.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 19.30.19Julianna Margulies: Wore the only beautiful all-black dress of the night (because it wasn’t all black).




Screenshot 2014-08-27 19.49.59Laverne Cox: Striking.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 19.54.31

Viola Davis: Sexy, elegant, and a great choice of color.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 20.20.16Kate Mulgrew: Beautiful and classy.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.31.39Cat Deeley: I’m not into pink, but this is a dreamy creation.





THE BAD: I could’ve left out some from here. But, why? These had at least one thing wrong with them.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.03.35Allison Janney: Celebrities really need to stop turning their velvet curtains into dresses.




Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.08.43Amy Poehler: I never knew Reynold’s Aluminum Foil could look so good.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.18.07Kate Walsh: Beautiful design. Too bad it’s so—and all—yellow.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.22.50 Zoey Deschanel: No one should be allowed to wear that much pink.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.28.30Christina Hendricks: I love her in Mad Men, but you have to be mad to wear this dress.




Screenshot 2014-08-27 19.43.36Mayim Bialik: Oh God.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 19.58.03Taylor Schilling: Maybe she was afraid to wear orange or black. But the OITNB star could’ve definitely used a bit more color.




Screenshot 2014-08-27 20.16.02Julie Bowen: Poor thing. She put her dress in the washing machine and the colors ran, or do I have blurry vision?




Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.34.12Kate Mara: Something is wrong with this dress, but I can’t quite put my finger on  it.




Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.37.54Sarah Paulson: I usually love Armani, but this dress looks like confetti gone wrong.





THE UGLY: I could have included a few more here. But, why? These three were really the worst.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.38.03Lena Dunham: Is it a popsicle? No! Is it a duster? No! It’s Lena Dunham. Oh.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 18.41.23Betsy Brandt: She’s wearing an unframed Impressionistic painting.





Screenshot 2014-08-27 20.11.28Taissa Farmiga: This dress, worn by the American Horror Story actress, is horror “dressonafied.”





Personally, I’ve always thought that there’s nothing more elegant than a long, black dress. But at this year’s Emmys all-black dresses were either uninspired or downright ugly. Most looked outdated. Here’s a sampling. And since I can’t get my cursor to go after the last photo, let me close by saying that it was fun being a fashionista/opinionista, and that’s all.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.06.41

Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.08.47Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.11.04Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.09.03Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.08.25Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.07.44Screenshot 2014-08-27 21.07.16