Whenever I want to take a break from writing my rants about the latest ridiculous, stupid, close-minded,  hypocritical thing some Rep has done somewhere in these incredibly Dis-United (because of the Reps) States of America, I watch TV, TV series, that is.  I get the news on the internet and on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, because, as you probably know, this is the most serious news program on television today.

But back to TV series, let’s get to the focus of this post:  Grey’s Anatomy.   I had been a fan for a long time, religiously watching season after season, even when the story lines were really out there, like when Izzie was having hot sex with her dead husband’s ghost.  Then, in 2010, in the middle of Season 7, I stopped watching.  I was Grey’s Anatomied and I didn’t know or cared why.

A few months ago, maybe on one of those days in the middle of the GOP debates when I was exhausted from trying to figure out exactly what Mitt Romney stands for and/or from trying to understand how Dick Rick Santorum could possibly be doing so well, I downloaded the second half of season 7 and I bought the Season Pass for season 8.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I watched  Season 8’s penultimate episode, “Migration.”  I was so shocked to see what happened, that I went surfing for more information.  I was then even more shocked to read that a “beloved” character will be killed off at the end of this season, so beloved that the whole cast was in tears during rehearsals.

Damn it. If I had known this sooner, I would have never started watching again.

Damn it. I think I know who it is.  It’s Lexie.  She just went all the way out there on a limb and told Mark that she loved him and he loves her but hasn’t said it and well she’s beloved.  Everyone likes Lexie.  Yep, it’s Lexie.

Unless, it’s Mark.  Maybe this is the way that Lexie gets to move on.  After all, she’s young, and Mark was a major womanizer. He’s a grand-father and  also a daddy to a gorgeous baby who has two lovely moms and you know that’s a lot to handle for someone so young even if she loves him desperately. But they’re just so great together.

Could be Derek.  Yes, Patrick Dempsey renewed his contract for Season 9, but he could show up as another sexy ghost so that Meredith can have sex with him as she grieves.  No, been there, done that.

God, I hope it’s April.  No one that hysterical and out of control should be a doctor, right? She wasn’t migrating with the rest of them, but she was acting really weird and maybe she decides to fly off the cuckoo’s nest by jumping out of one of the windows of Seattle Grace.  I’d like that.  She’s getting on my nerves big time.  She’s so not beloved.  Damn it. It’s not April.

Callie? Arizona?  No, they already had Callie almost die.  They’re spared for the time being, I think.  Oh, God Shonda, is it Bailey? It cannot be Bailey.  I love Bailey.  Everybody loves Bailey. Was she with the others? Damn it, I’m beginning to sound like April.

Maybe it’s time for me to get back to writing about Romney.  Now that’s a fictional character I can handle, at least until Thursday, when I will be a lot less into Grey’s and, most definitely, deeply blue.