As you might know, for a long time, I’ve had a pet peeve with the Democratic party having a jackass for a mascot.  So much so, that I wrote The Donkey Chronicles, a 3-part series about this subject.

In Part I: A Donkey? Really? I wondered whose bright idea was it to pick an animal that is considered stupid in almost all the cultures.  In Part II: A Donkey? Not Really, I complained about Democrats not kicking enough [elephant] ass, when this is so badly needed.  Finally, in Part III: A Donkey…No More, I revealed a surprising bit of news about the Democratic donkey, and I made a few suggestions for a new mascot.

Now that the Presidential election is over and that we have kicked some serious ass, I’m less annoyed with the Democratic mascot.  But, since President Obama wants to work in a bipartisan manner with Republicans—something that our country needs but that might never happen considering the GOP’s behavior in the last 4 years—  I have started thinking that the party who has an elephant for a mascot is full of jackasses.  Due to space and time considerations, I have decided to only list 5 GOP jackasses who need to be voted out:

Mitch McConnell:  I made my case for ousting the Senate Minority Leader in a previous post.  The Senator who, in 2010, declared that his #1 priority was a one-term Obama presidency simply does not want to cooperate with the President.  If you have any doubts, read the ungracious statement he made about President Obama’s re-election in my post Mitch McConnell Must Go.

Michele Bachmann:  It’s really too bad that Rep. Bachmann beat Democratic challenger Jim Graves in an extremely tight race.  Besides calling President Obama “anti-American,”  her homophobia, and most recently her claim that the U.S. government is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, she’s just plain dumb.  Maybe next time.

Allen West:  Now here’s a guy that we actually kicked out but who refuses to go.  The black, male version of Michele Bachmann, he is a member of the Tea Party Caucus and a House Representative from Florida. Yes, he’s one of the RWNJ dicks who calls the penis-shaped state home, although I failed to mention him in my post, Florida: 2000 Election Redux?  He has called President Obama a “low-level socialist agitator,”  and an “abject failure.”  He has said that drivers with Obama bumper stickers are a “threat to the gene pool,”  and that around 80 Democrats in Congress are members of the Communist party.  Now, does anyone have hope that this guy would work with President Obama?

Rick Scott:  Sticking with Florida and another one of its dicks, The Messed-Up State owes much of its messy Presidential election process to its Governor who treats Florida and its citizens as a banana republic instead of as the third-highest electoral-vote state, tied with New York at 29, behind California at 55, and Texas at 38.  The voter-roll purger who reduced early voting days by 6 days (from 14 to 8) claims that the good news about Florida is that 4.4 million people voted. Never mind that many stood in line for hours, some waiting 6 to 9 hours to vote.  The good news is that he doesn’t serve in Congress, the bad news is that as the  Republican Governor of a blue state who will do anything to make it red, we can be pretty sure that he won’t work with President Obama.

Paul Ryan:   He scares me.  That’s because the guy looks nice and sounds intelligent. Maureen Dowd put it best in her post, When Cruelty Is Cute where she states,He’s Scrooge disguised as a Pickwick, an ideologue disguised as a wonk. Not since Ronald Reagan tried to cut the budget by categorizing ketchup and relish as vegetables has the G.O.P. managed to find such an attractive vessel to mask harsh policies with a smiling face.”

The worst part is that he’ll be around for a long time.  He’s young and having run for VP, he might just be ready for his first Presidential run in 2016 (and many more if at first he’s not successful).  Thanks Romney.  Of all those mentioned, he might actually be more open to working with President Obama than the other four, which will make him seem more reasonable, more bi-partisan, and more electable.  Yep, he scares me.

So there you have them.  If we succeed in kicking out West, I’d like to replace him with Rep. Joe Wilson.  I still haven’t digested that he yelled, “You Lie” at President Obama during a healthcare speech he was giving to Congress, in 2009.  Joe Wilson’s outburst occurred when the President was explaining that his plan would not mandate coverage for undocumented immigrants, even though President Obama was indeed telling the truth (as later confirmed by

Recently, Rep. Wilson said that it was “inexcusable” that the Obama campaign had charged Romney and Ryan with lying at the debates.   I think what is inexcusable is that Rep. Wilson so publicly and so loudly lacked respect for the President, and that he’s still around to make hypocritical remarks about a campaign that used the right channels to call out those who actually lied.

All those mentioned on this post have varying degrees of this twisted GOP logic/entrenched ideology which makes it so hard to reason with them.  For this they must go and allow more centrist, pragmatic Republicans to take their place, so that we can once again have bipartisanship and continue to move our country forward.