Tonight is the 3rd and final 2012 Presidential debate.  I was a nervous wreck before the VP debate and the 2nd Presidential debate.  It must have been because of, both, President Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s 1st debate performances.

In order to calm my nerves I didn’t write about the debates beforehand, I chose to write about Gossip Girl  and a Coach bag before the VP and 2nd Obama/Romney debate, respectively.  Today, it’s different.

Today, I am not nervous.  On the one hand, there’s President Obama’s first-term, foreign-policy achievement that can be summarized with three words:  Osama Bin Laden. On the other hand, there’s Romney’s foreign policy trip where, if I remember correctly,  he managed to insult every country that he visited including, our oldest and closest ally, England.

This doesn’t mean that I’m  totally calm.  We now know that Romney is capable of saying anything or unsaying everything in order to appear more centrist and attract undecided voters.  Let’s hope that this “instability” does not have serious repercussions for President Obama at the debate.

But, let me get to what I’m really hoping for the 3rd Presidential debate. I’m hoping:

1.  To see Romney [really] unplugged:  According to Congressional newspaper, The Hill, “Romney team will not rein in GOP nominee during third debate.” Apparently, Romney was reined in during the first debate when he was doing the Gish Gallop, and during the second debate when he was in President Obama’s face asking about his pension or going off on the you-didn’t-call-it-a-terror-attack-at-the-Rose-Garden line of attack.

2. That Tagg Romney actually tries to take a swing at President Obama and have the Secret Service twist him up like a pretzel.

3.  That Sarah Palin will be sitting in the audience holding up a sign, “Thank you for remembering that I can see Russia from my house,” following Romney’s declaration that Russia is our #1 enemy and that he will stand up to Vladimir Putin.

4.  That Romney will apologize for pushing the “pants on fire” allegation that President Obama started his presidency with an “apology tour” in the Middle East.

5.  That Romney have a “Rick Perry moment” where he says that he will cut 3 government agencies or services dealing with foreign policy, and then forgets the third one.

6. That Romney gets so upset that he walks off the stage, never to be heard from again except when he’s calling President Obama to congratulate him on his re-election.  I know, I know, this will never happen. But, you can’t blame me for hoping, can you?

The last, but most important, thing that I’m hoping for is that President Obama will show how disconnected, clueless, and foreign Romney really is when it comes to foreign policy—as well.