So, the 3rd presidential debate is over.  I am seriously relieved.  I don’t think that I could have taken any more of Mitt Romney’s blah, blah, blah.  I had more thoughts following this debate than I did for all the previous ones.  But since I imagine that you are also saturated with all the GOP BS we have endured in this campaign season, I will keep it brief:

1.  On horses & bayonets:   We thought that Romney wanted to take us back to the 1950’s, he actually wants to take us back to WWI. Maybe that’s because American women didn’t yet have the right to vote back then.

2.  Speaking of “horses and bayonets,” GOP will most certainly turn the funniest line of the evening into a negative for President Obama with navy-ship Virginia.  They’re such killjoys.

3.  Romney loves teachers as much as Ann loves women….They’re just so special.

4.  Romney, The Pacifist, showed up at the debate tonight.  Maybe Ann, The Mittstabilizer, slipped him a tranquilliser before the debate.

5.  Romney needs to seriously refresh his grammar. “Democrat” is a noun, “democratic” is an adjective, therefore it’s “democratic senator” not “democrat senator.”

6.  I’m pretty sure that Greece will never give Romney a tourist visa.

7.  If Romney is so much against government, why is he running for President?

8.  Romney kept bringing up PBO’s “apology tour.” I think he not only watches Fox News way too much, his campaign was serious about ignoring fact-checkers.

9.  Tagg Romney ended up patting President Obama’s back instead of taking a swing at him, while Romney’s grandchildren flocked to the President.  Everybody loves a winner.

10.  And, my final thought about the debate is that Romney agreed with the President so many times that I bet that he’ll be voting for President Obama.
Now, all our country needs is that you vote for the President, too.