I’ve had it.  I’m so tired of hearing all the conservative spin masters trying to clean up Limbaugh’s mess by pointing in the opposite direction and saying “yours is worse,” that I’ve decided to put in my two cents and show why Bill Maher is nothing like Rush Limbaugh:

1.  I’m sure you must have heard this one already:  Bill Maher is a comedian/entertainer; Rush Limbaugh is a political commentator.  After his Fluke slut  attack, Rush tried to defuse the uproar by stating that he’s an entertainer (yeah, like Queen Elizabeth is Playboy’s next month’s centerfold). What Rush Limbaugh is—apart from being a pig—is both a megaphone for,  and influencer of,  the Republican party.  In the words of Mary Matalin, a GOP strategist and a White House aide during the Bush administration:

“The Republicans would not have ascended to the majority in 1994 without Rush Limbaugh. There wouldn’t be a moderate conservative movement without Rush Limbaugh. There would not be a voice for the flyover country in mainstream America without Rush, and there will be no victories in the fall without Rush.”

Personally, I’d replace “moderate” with “radical” in her “moderate conservative movement” phrase.  But heck, that’s just me, another Obama-loving socialist, according to the real Americans.

2.  Bill Maher, as part of his comedy act, has targeted Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. It’s called payback.  These two women are public figures that have lobbed innumerable, serious accusations at President Obama specifically and at Democrats in general.  Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke , a mild-mannered, private citizen who testified in a committee for a belief she upholds.

3.  Bill Maher has actually said bad words like twat when describing Palin for laughs.  Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” and “prostitute” while not being bad words are, on the other hand, very  offensive.  Especially more so when they are directed to a young woman with the sole intention to insult and discredit her. Now, Limbaugh might define this as entertainment, but we’re not laughing.

4.  Lastly, while Rush Limbaugh had no basis (or excuse) to call Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute, Bill Maher has plenty of proof on which to base his comments. Michele Bachmann is a bimbo.  As for Sarah Palin, I’m pretty sure that Maher did not call her a twat because she has a vagina but because she’s “a person regarded as stupid and obnoxious” (thank you, Oxford).

If these four reasons don’t convince you that Maher is nothing like Limbaugh, what will?

image: nydailynews.com