I’m writing this post because I’m disgusted, anxious, and angry—and I need to vent.  I cannot believe that 22 days before the election Mitt Romney and President Obama are either tied in the polls or Romney is a couple of points ahead.

I cannot believe that it took one lousy debate with a flip-flopping candidate (doing the Gish Gallop) and a stunned President (trying to regain his footing) to make voters decide that Mitt Romney deserves the presidency after all.  As for undecided voters,  I cannot believe that they still don’t know for whom to vote.  Maybe they need to move to another country, preferably to one where they can’t vote at all.

In case I haven’t yet made my position clear, let me spell it out:  Mitt Romney should not, cannot win.  It’s not that:

1. He terrorized John Lauber, a gay student, by forcibly cutting his hair back in high school. By the way, Romney claims that he doesn’t remember the incident, which means that either he’s lying or that an event that was so traumatic for Lauber was insignificant to him, the sign of a heartless bully.

2.  He doesn’t care about the 47% or that he didn’t apologize for his remark until it was politically expedient for him to do so (after the media lauded his debate performance).

3.  He has not only changed his position from pro-choice to anti-choice, in order to cater to the more extreme social conservatives in his party, but he has seem to do so with gusto by promising to defund Planned Parenthood several times (the latest 5 days ago, 24 hours after saying that abortion was not on his agenda). He has also pledged to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, reversed by Executive Order by President Obama. The Mexico City Policy “prohibited funding to international family planning groups that provided abortions.” [ABC News]

4.  He refused to show his tax returns for months.

5.  He lied about his tenure at Bain Capital, a company accused of creating and engaging in a “demoralizing culture of layoffs.”

6.  He has pledged to repeal Obamacare even though it’s mostly based on the healthcare plan he instituted in Massachusetts when he was the state’s Governor.

That’s right, it is not because of these and many other facts why I say that Romney should not become President.  Even if Romney had led an honorable campaign, even if he had not done or said all of the above, even if he would have been a model candidate, I WOULD NOT vote for him.

Why? Because if Romney wins, that would mean that we would be rewarding the Republican party which has stopped at nothing to pursue its own political agenda to the detriment of our country.  Mitch McConnell’s declaration that the GOP’s #1 priority was a one-term Obama presidency was the quasi-slogan of a strategy implemented through an unprecedented level of obstruction and blocking of important legislature , including but not limited to:  Veterans Jobs Bill, Healthcare Bill For 9/11 First Responders, Wall Street Reform Bill, The Dream Act, The American Jobs Act.

As if this were not enough they have pushed their political agenda with the help of public megaphones like Rush Limbaugh who have insulted the President, distorted his policies and poisoned the mind of many.

Remember the crazy-haired lady who said that she couldn’t trust Obama and that he was an Arab at a McCain Rally in 2008?  Today’s GOP has turned into that lady.  That is why Romney should not, cannot win.