I’ve been waiting for the unveiling of the iPhone 6 with as much anticipation as a man waiting for his mail-order bride. Well, actually, I’m not sure. I’m not a man, and I haven’t ordered a mail bride, ever. But I have been anxiously waiting for the iPhone 6 for over a year.

You see, I have everything Apple, including an iPhone 4s that I refused to swap for a 5, 5s or 5c because I didn’t want longer, I wanted wider. How come Apple, the company that for years knew what I wanted even before I did, totally missed out on the fact that I wanted a wider screen? How could they have allowed Samsung, a company whose name sounds like a has-been singer, to beat them in the wide-screen game?

I’ve been wondering and, therefore, expecting to be wowed by the new bigger iPhone. But, I’m not. Wait, I am definitely very happy that Apple is offering two bigger sizes, even though this makes it a lot harder for me to decide which model I want. My hand says 4.7, my eyes say 5.5.

However, I feel kind of let down by the design. Yes, I had seen all those leaked photos and I should’ve given up on my desire to see a more squarish-sharper-lined design (like the latest-generation iPod Touch). But, I kept hoping that those leaked photos were part of a huge misinformation campaign by Apple to be able to surprise us on Sept. 9th.

Let’s face it. The iPhone 6, with its rounded corners and slim design looks like a smaller iPad, or worse, like most of the phones in the Samsung galaxy. I thought that my long wait would be rewarded with a revolutionary design, or at least with one that didn’t look like Samsung’s. Oh, but wait, Apple did accuse Samsung of copying the original iPhone which had rounded edges. So I guess that what I’m really disappointed about is that the iPhone 6 looks like the very first iPhone, except with a larger screen and a thinner body.

I’m not a tech writer, so I’m going to stop at design and not go into the faster processor, better camera, or more pixels commentary that you can find on dedicated sites. My opinion is all about the look.

But, there is one more area on which I will opine: Apple’s communication. You know I have a thing for communication.  If you visit apple.com, this is the first of four rotating images.

Screenshot 2014-09-10 17.02.31

I don’t know about you, but “Bigger than bigger” threw me off. I went through the following sequential mental exercise:

-Why are they only referring to the iPhone 6 Plus?

-It’s a typo! They must have meant “Bigger THEN bigger.” Actually, this would have been kind of cute.

-Oh! it’s “bigger” as in “better.”

-Why didn’t they just say it? “Better than bigger,” or “Bigger and better, or “Not just bigger, better.” Any of these sound a lot better to me, you know, more Apple (and much less confusing).

Now, of course, neither the all so familiar design, nor the weak communication is going to keep me away from grabbing one of these phones (probably the 4.7″, as it will be easier to grasp). It’s also highly probable that once I have the iPhone 6 in my hands, once I use it, I will forget everything that I’ve written here, which is why I’ll stop now. There’s only so much crow one can eat.