You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything on politics for about two weeks. The sequester has been the topic du jour  of the month, and continues to be and I haven’t addressed it. What for?  You’ve probably already read everything that you need to know about it and more. Although, I still recommend that you read Michael Grunweld’s excellent piece, The Sequester Is A Republican-Inflicted Wound.

One of the reasons why I haven’t written about the sequester is that I’m tired. I’m tired of writing about the GOP and its GOP’ers.

Really, what else can I say about them that I haven’t already?  Today I was thinking that we often call Republicans delusional or RWNJ’s and how inadequate these terms are. Republicans are elected officials who have methodically chosen to oppose President Obama and obstruct the democratic process to pursue their agenda, regardless of the consequences that this can have on Americans. They have been doing this for 4 years, and it’s getting progressively worse. They have coldly calculated that if they succeed in discrediting the President and/or derailing the Democratic agenda that they will be better poised to regain the White House in 2016 and perhaps even achieve the trifecta (a majority in both the House and the Senate). Of course, all this with a little help from gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics.

Real delusional people, nut jobs are often incapable of making adjustments to their strategy, because they are incapable of developing one. That is not the case with the GOP.  They know exactly what they’re doing. They saw how Latinos made a huge difference in the November elections, so now they have Marco Rubio front and center as a possible Presidential candidate in 2016. They realize that when Americans will start feeling the consequences of the sequester cuts, they might be blamed, so they start crying “Obamaquester” now.

I’m sick of them. I’m sick of these shameful, ruthless politicians who have chosen to put their country behind their greed and political ambition, who care about nothing but power when their job is to safeguard our democracy. That is why I have stopped writing about them these past two weeks. But to be honest, I have cut back on reading about them too. Instead, I am reading Justin Cronin’s The Twelve. I’ve decided that if I’m going to read about apocalyptic, blood-sucking creatures, I prefer to find them in a work of fiction.