The way I deal with sexism is this:  I take the piss out of it.

It works, nine times out of ten. Sarcasm is a tool most men have a hard time handling.  They make a reference to my boobs, I ask them about the size of their penis. They propose that my arguing with them is because I have my period, I suggest that it’s because their brain is the size of  one of their testicles and that, in fact, it is with that one testicle that they do most of their thinking. If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that you don’t need a penis to get ahead. All you need is a sense of humor and an eye for the ridiculous.

Then, sometimes, my sense of humor fails me. This is one of those times.

Through a Facebook friend I discovered this  YouTube video.  The man dick behind the podium is Jesse Lee Peterson and he is telling his congregation something very simple. He is telling them that women should not have the vote.  According to Reverend Peterson, women are “too crazy” to handle that kind of responsibility. Yes, that uterus and those ovaries we females carry around, instead of the mighty penis and testicles, mean that we are wholly unsuited to tasks like running a business or making difficult decisions. What’s more, educated women, Peterson goes on to explain, are unashamed whores, consuming contraceptives by the truck load so that we can have abandoned sex with any willing male (are we segueing into teen male fantasies here – sure sounds like it). The point of this cunning plan, Peterson goes on to explain, is so that we can have abortions.

Yes, the point of female college students using contraception is to allow them to murder thousands of unborn infants. With the scalpel-like logic that only people with a pair of bollocks and chest hair possess, Peterson demonstrates that condoms cause abortions. Truly the man is a genius.

Perhaps you can tell that Peterson’s little talk about the uselessness of women has made me angry. Perhaps that’s why, apart from making the observation that it’s always the craziest folk who go around saying that everyone else is crazy, I didn’t find the sermon very funny.

Although looking back over what I’ve written, it might also be that I did manage to retain my sense of humor, after all, and my eye for the ridiculous.