I’ve just finished watching The Good Wife’s series finale. I have not read any articles or twitter comments. I have come straight to writing this post. Right now, I bet I’m feeling as destabilized as Alicia Florrick in that last scene.

This last episode was close to perfect. Here’s:


The ending: It has left too many questions unanswered. It felt so much like a cliffhanger that I’ll probably be sitting in front of my TV next Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

Will: Realizing how much I’ve missed Will, how the show has never been the same since his death.

Cary: Not getting the well-deserved apology from Alicia that he deserves.


The ending: I don’t think that this ending has ever been seen before, either on television or in the movies. It is one that will be talked about for a long time. That slap was not just about Alicia putting Kurt on the stand against Diane’s wishes, or Diane hearing about Kurt’s affair. It was a slap in the face, a total rejection of Alicia, for everything that she has done against Lockhart/Gardner, against Will, and against Diane.

Will:  How great to see him again, to see him with Alicia, to have his presence confirm what I’ve always felt. Jason is not Will. But he’s also not a good “replacement” for Will. You see, I haven’t really bought the Alicia/Jason relationship. I feel that it was rushed and so it lacked the anticipation, the intensity, and the chemistry that it could have otherwise had. Julianna Margulies and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are outstanding actors, so the problem is not with them, but with the writing. Unless, of course, this was deliberate. If Alicia and Jason were not to be, then better not to go too deep.

Cary: Regardless of his feelings for Alicia, pushing for a bullet search. He didn’t let rancor blind him, and remained true to himself.

I think I will stop now. I want to read about what the Kings, and others, had to say about this finale. I have nothing more. I feel like I’ve been slapped.