Ashton Kutcher was, according to Demi Moore, her soul mate. Really? How, then, is it that they are now separated and facing an impending divorce? How can your soul mate stop being your mate? And if your soul loses its mate, are you doomed to a mateless life? Can we have more than one soul mate in our lifetime? These are all interesting questions, but not as interesting as this one: why is it that, very often, when people gush about their relationship you can bet that the relationship is (or will soon be) doomed? It’s as if talking about their awesome partner and/or their unique connection sets in motion some kind of cosmic jinx that sooner or later bites them in the… well you get my point. This jinx is an equal-opportunity one, it strikes both Hollywood stars and us mere mortals. The only difference being that with the former the humiliation is of worldly proportions (as in the whole world knows, literally).

I actually feel bad for Demi Moore. Anyone who has had their heart broken and who has an ounce of compassion in their soul cannot possibly make light of her pain.  But witnessing this very public split has also made me wonder a few things.

If a couple like Demi and Ashton: rich, gorgeous, smart, successful and utterly convinced of their profound connection cannot make it, what does that mean for the rest of us? I mean, come on, these are the same people whose jobs allow them to have steamy sex scenes with gorgeous people without any repercussion when they go home at the end of the day.

Think of it, too many of us struggle with money worries, one of the leading causes of divorce; with weight problems, a leading factor in a lower self-esteem; and with debilitating doubts about our professional worth during a time when even a college degree does not automatically guarantee a good job. And just dare to flirt with someone at the office and see how well that flies with your mate, never mind with the human resources manager waving the company’s sexual harassment leaflet in your face.

So, again, if those with so many advantages don’t make it, can anyone? What is the answer? The usual cliché: Nothing ever guarantees anything…except maybe talking about how perfect your union is. Do that, and you’ll find yourself alone sooner or later, guaranteed.