I keep thinking about Alex Jones’ appearance on Piers Morgan a week ago. Of course I’m bothered by his nonsensical rant and by his manner of speech which showed an absolute lack of manners: yelling at the top of his lungs, not answering the questions, interrupting Piers Morgan, and so on.

But while I was bothered by that spectacle, I wasn’t shocked. Isn’t this the usual modus operandi of most RWNJ’s?  They drown out their opponent’s arguments, logic, and even their own consciences (whatever is left of them) with their boorish squawks.

No, what really shocked me was Jones’ imitation of Piers Morgan’s accent towards the end of his appearance.  Now, you might be wondering how I can place a higher shock value on this than on the content of his discourse.  I’ll tell you why.

Either Jones’ behavior was genuine, which means that he’s a very disturbed individual (possibly a paranoid schizophrenic) who needs to be put under psychiatric treatment and prescribed the very same Prozac that he’s railing against.  Or his appearance was an elaborate performance, a publicity stunt, to increase his audience.  I’m more inclined to believe the latter considering that he managed to plug his website a couple of times in the middle of all his unhinged remarks. Then again, it could be a combination of the two.  He wouldn’t be the first nut to have a radio show.

In any case his remarks will, fortunately, never be mainstream.  But his mocking of Piers Morgan’s British accent, beyond being extremely rude, is indicative of a xenophobic, racist mentality. This man who dares to offend his TV host in front of a national audience, who makes fun of the language from which his own is derived and without which he wouldn’t be able to express his nonsense, has no respect for diversity. He will have no qualms about mocking a Hispanic person with an accent, for example; or any other minority that doesn’t look or sound like he does.

Alex Jones’ mockery of Piers Morgan’s British accent was a deliberate attempt to humiliate him for thinking and speaking differently. It was full of contempt and it made him contemptible.

As to the second thing that shocks me about Alex Jones is that this crass, ignorant bully, according to Wikipedia, “As of 2010…was estimated to have an audience of over 2 million listeners, with a demographic heavier in younger viewers than other conservative pundits. In 2011, he had a larger on-line audience than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh combined.” Now, that is the most shocking thing of all.