No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Is Mitt Romney running again? Well, it’s almost certain. Is it April 1st? Is this an April Fool’s joke? No, it’s no joke, but there’s certainly a fool involved.

You have got to be a fool to put yourself and your family through the ordeal that it is to run for President. It’s not me saying it’s an ordeal; the Romney family itself says it in the Netflix documentary “Mitt.” Romney, who not only believes that he can make a difference, but also believes that God thinks that he can make a difference, has put his family through this ordeal twice. He will very likely put them through it again for the third time. You have got to be a fool, especially since your chances of winning are NIL. Hey, and I’m not even talking about the presidency yet, I’m referring to the Republican nomination.

You have got to be a fool to think that a Stiff Mitt will ever win against a Jeb Bush. Bush being a man with whom anyone (even a staunch Democrat like myself) would consider drinking beer (even though I don’t drink beer).

More importantly, doesn’t Mitt remember that while he was opportunistically forgetting what he stood for during the 2012 campaign and acting crazier than the “crazies,” Jeb Bush has been one of the sanest voices coming from the right, all these tea-drunk years?

Why is Romney thinking of running again? Yes, everyone knows he desperately wants to be President, but wasn’t he done, done, done, according to his wife, Ann Romney? Speaking of Ann, could it be that Mitt is running because of her? I’ve always suspected that making her First Lady is one of his biggest motivators. Also, because “the lady doth protest too much,” she might even be hungrier for the Presidency than him.

Or could it really be that Jeb Bush considering to run is what caused Romney to do the same? According to Politico, “His decision came after Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, said he was actively exploring a White House run.” What is he, 5, entering into a pissing  Presidential contest that he cannot win?

I just think that this guy can’t take a hint. No one believes that he can pull it off this time (a devolution from last time when only a few thought that he could). No one believes in Romney, starting with House Republicans [who] aren’t sold on a Mitt Romney Re-Run, and ending with the guy who got a Romney tattoo on his face in 2012. You guessed it; not even he will support  a 2016 bid. These are powerful signs that only a fool would ignore.

Eric Hartsburg

But, honestly, I should not complain. I read that “aside from most of his communications team, Romney would still be expected to bring back the majority of his old staff.” Yes, because communication was the only problem that he had back in 2012. What can I say? I’m already looking forward to all the material that I will have for future articles covering Romney Refux (God, I hope that Jon Stewart hasn’t thought of this one already).

My compassionate side, however, keeps hoping that someone, he trusts, will tell him: Mitt, you’re not it…and that he heeds it, for his sake. And [mostly] for ours.