Yes I did. I had a dream.

I’m not talking about my shattered dream that the U.S. would have its first female President and that she would be one of the most qualified and most kickass in the history of our country.

No, last night I had a dream, an actual dream with Trump. No, not that kind of dream. In my dream, I was in Ikea looking around when suddenly I see Melania. I recognize her immediately because she’s wearing the same blue outfit that she wore to the Inauguration. Then, I see Trump. He looks frazzled, out of place. His hands are making the money gesture to the floor, a sign more about impatience than money. He wants to ask someone where he can find the thing that he’s looking for (I think that it was a laundry basket).

My polite upbringing kicks in, I point to a shelf. He squints his eyes at me and after some consideration thanks me. I find myself next to him, next to the laundry basket shelf. I tell him that if he wants to be respected by the media and liked by the people that he has to apologize, especially to women after all that pussy talk. He doesn’t answer, turns around and motions to Melania to start walking towards the door. As he’s turning, I’m wondering if I should ask them for a photo. I’m not star-struck. I just want my friends to believe me when I tell them the story. But, alarm bells are going off in my brain blaring “do you really want to take a picture with that guy?” (replace guy by a much stronger term that I don’t wish to repeat here).

I stand there, a bit lost, half-believing half-doubting that I just spoke to Trump, that I gave him my unsolicited opinion. An aide runs towards me and tells me that Mr. Trump would like to give me a ride in his limo. I refuse. I tell him that I came with a friend. I won’t leave her behind.

I wake up.

Recently, before he left office, I also had a dream with President Obama. I was also giving him my unsolicited opinion about the importance of communicating his achievements and stopping the GOP’s spin masters. I don’t remember what he answered. I remember that he listened.

I’m awake.