My last post on politics was almost 3 months ago, published on Jan 21st about President Obama’s SOTU speech. I was inspired by that speech, but soon after fell into the despondency from which I’m still suffering.

I’m disillusioned with our political system, discouraged by the realization that change will come slowly if at all, there’s just too much money in play, and disgusted with the behavior of the Republican Party. Politics was supposed to be—was— the main focus of this blog, but not anymore. How many times can I write a post insulting the GOP?

It’s not only exhausting, it’s outdated. Regardless of the atrocities that many Republicans spewed (and continue to do so) and the political malpractice that they’ve been committing for the past seven years, President Obama won a second term, the economy is improving, millions of Americans now have affordable health insurance. The Obama presidency will go down in history as one of the most productive, despite the spiteful ways of the GOP; a party that only deserves our contempt. But even that is too much to give.

It’s time to focus on the positive. What better way to do this than to celebrate Hillary’s decision to run for President in 2016. I knew that she would. We all knew it. But it still feels good to have her confirm it. How glad am I that Hillary is running? Let me count the ways.

I’m glad that she’s running because if  when she wins the presidency, she will be able to continue the Obama legacy as she builds one of her own. There is no doubt that I’m glad that she’s running because she’s a woman. I find it unbelievable that the U.S. still hasn’t had a female President, especially when considering that even countries with cultures that run high on the machismo scale have elected them. I’m glad that she’s running because to have the first U.S. female President follow the first African-American President is living proof that today’s Democratic Party is truly for a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Most of all, I’m glad that she’s running because, like our current President, she  is one of the most capable and worthy individuals that could ever occupy the office of the presidency.

Now, you know what would make me even happier than Hillary running? That Hillary would be the only one running for the Democratic nomination. I make my case in 2016: The One Thing That Democrats Should Do which I wrote back in August 2013. Imagine it, letting Paul, Cruz, Bush, and whoever else decides to prove that he’s the most conservative tear each other apart while the Democratic Party stands united behind one of the strongest general election candidates in the history of our great nation. Imagine the huge time and money advantage that we would have.

I’d love to see that, although I realize that it will never happen. But it doesn’t matter, today I’m happy. Today, I’m smiling while thinking, Hillary finally.