I really fought myself not to write this post on Kate Middleton’s pregnancy news.  After all, it has only been ten days that I wrote about her return of Kardashian Kollection clothing items to Kim Kardashian, and I wouldn’t want you to think that this is a royalty gossip blog.

However, it seems that the media has gone a bit crazy about the pregnant Duchess and her royal fetus and that every other story is about them. So, I decided to give you a glimpse of the stories that I’ve come across.

Some stories focus on the fact that the pregnancy had to be announced sooner than planned because the Duchess was hospitalized suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  At first, I thought that this was the British royalty’s fancy term for morning sickness, which also happens to sound like a curse from a Harry Potter movie.  As it turns out, while those who experience it do feel that they are cursed, this is an extreme manifestation of morning sickness that only affects 1% to 2% of pregnant women (frequently those who are carrying twins).

Other stories talk about the betting frenzy started by bookies on everything from the baby’s gender  to the baby’s first name. It seems that Elizabeth, Victoria and Charles are the top runners and that while Diana might not be chosen as the baby’s first name, if it’s a girl, it might still be one of the names given to her.

John Mullins, an American forensic artist, has created images of the mini-Highness based on photographs of William and Kate.  I can’t decide whether or not these images are cute as they eerily remind me of Chucky. But, ok, maybe it’s just me.

The whole world seems to be rejoicing.  Even British PM, David Cameron, shared his excitement by declaring, “I got a little note coming into a meeting I was having and I found it quite difficult to keep it to myself.”

For my part, I find it a little weird that so many people around the world are excited over the pregnancy news of a couple that they don’t personally know.  But, it’s also true that I became cynical about British royalty when Prince Charles and Princess Diana turned into royal pains in the arse during their drawn out separation and divorce, after I had sat transfixed watching what seemed to be a fairytale wedding, a few years before.

Perhaps it’s time for me to put my cynicism aside. Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be in love, seem to be having a completely different marriage from that of his parents, and now they are expecting a baby.  It is gratifying to see that a boy who lost his mother so young has grown into a man who is getting ready to welcome his own child into the world.  That is, indeed, good news, and for a short time, it gives us a break from all the bad news to which we are frequently exposed.

So, they might not know me, but I still congratulate them.  Don’t hold it against me.