The GOP used to be the Grand Old Party.  But, Joe Biden is never more concise, or correct when he says, “This is not your father’s Republican party.”  No truer truth exists.  The Republican party is no longer grand, it is more outdated than old, and it’s certainly no party (certainly not a fun one).  This honorable institution which gave us President Abraham Lincoln and used to work in productive bipartisanship with its Democratic colleagues, has been replaced by an undefinable gob of obstructionism, distortion, class warfare, religious extremism, homophobia, sexism, and racism…to name a few.  I’ve decided to call this creature:  GOP.

GOP lives in an alternate reality.  Even when it believes opposing views, it feeds itself with more lies and contradictions.  GOP likes to speak in very simple sentences because it thinks that it’s very smart and that everyone else is very stupid.  GOP also believes that if it repeats the same simple message over and over again, everyone will believe it.  This is the world according to GOP:

1.  GOP believes in the defense of life and in the death penalty.

2.  GOP believes in the least amount of government interference but believes that government should totally control a woman’s body.

3.  GOP believes in marriage, but not for everyone.

4.  GOP believes that corporations are people.

5.   GOP believes that guns don’t kill people…people kill people (even if it’s with guns).

These are just a few examples of GOP reality.  I’ve decided to label every GOP incongruity I find on Twitter as  #TWAG.  I hope you twag along with me and twag away GOP’s insanity.   See you there!