I haven’t written an OpinionList since my right-wing-nut-job induced writer’s block. But I’m giving it another shot. Here’s this week’s.


Stand Together Or Fail:  Following the problems encountered with Obamacare, The Week reports, “President Obama’s allies in Congress are threatening to abandon him in a blind, every-man-for-himself bid to survive the 2014 elections.” I loathe everything that the GOP has done since President Obama was elected in 2008. But, there is one thing that Democrats need to learn from Republicans:  standing together as one. If they don’t support the President, the party will fracture, and then there will be no stopping the GOP. If they’re really worried about 2014, they need to think about that.

Warren’s War On The Filibuster: Elizabeth Warren is tired of the obstructionist GOP using the filibuster to deny confirmation to President Obama’s nominees to key positions in the government and in the courts that require Congressional confirmation. Once again, she’s hitting on the important issue of the day. In other words, if Elizabeth Warren is fighting for (or against) something, pay attention. The lady is wise.

Hide Away: Dylan Davies, the contractor who went and lied on “60 Minutes” about Benghazi has gone into hiding. As far as I’m concerned, he should have never come out of whatever hole he was inhabiting to make his appearance on the show. Truly shameful.

Obamacare vs. Chlamydia?: This is an actual tweet from Rep. Steve Stockman from Texas: “About 110,000 people contract chlamydia each month, more than signed up for Obamacare. Obamacare is less popular than chlamydia.” I would just like to know what is it with Republicans and their obsession with sex? Unbelievable. Wait, I correct myself. Nothing that GOP’ers do these days is unbelievable.


White & Black: Heard of the white supremacist who found out that he’s 14% sub-Saharan African? Rolling on the floor laughing my you-know-what off. Craig Cobb, the neo-Nazi in question called the DNA results statistical noise. But I think that noise he’s referring to is the sound coming from all of us who are laughing at him.

Facebook Does Good & Fast: In 36 hours, Betsy Boys, adopted at birth found her biological mother and her brother through Facebook. I’m not a big Facebook fan. I complain about their privacy policy. I still have the old look even though I signed up for the new one months ago. I don’t get as many hits on my posts as I do with Twitter. But, today, I’m a fan.


Hank Out, Mark In….Please!: Jason Ritter who played Mark Cyr on Parenthood is set to return to the series this season. While so far it’s only for one episode I’m hoping for his permanent return. The casting of Ray Romano as Hank has been one of the worst decisions in television history (in my opinion), as was the decision to have Sarah dump Mark for Hank. Sarah & Mark have real chemistry and are adorable together. Speaking of together, “get it together, writers.”

Revenge Needs Resurrection: Damn this show was so good in season 1. What happened to it? Well, for starters season 2 and The Initiative. Season’s 2 finale was great with Emily telling Jack that she’s the real Amanda Clarke. There was hope that season 3 could be a return to season’s 1 greatness. Well, it’s not to be. The show continues to rush through storylines. Aidan is back. Emily is now deeply in love with him. Daniel falls for his ex again (in one episode) after not seeing her for years. Nolan is back to being gay and Jack is going out with a painful French woman. What a mess. What a pity.

Note: Original publication date: 11-15-13. Date has been changed for display purposes only.