I wish that…I could purchase the individual LEGO people pieces without having to spend all that money on a whole Lego set.

Every time I want to buy my kids a toy that I can feel good about as a mom, I buy my kids a Lego set.  Think about it, when you buy your kids a Lego set, you are fostering both their brain development and their manual dexterity.

The Lego company traces its origins to Billund, Denmark where the “Billund Woodworking and Carpenter’s Shop” was founded in 1895.   In 1916, Ole Kirk Christiansen purchased the small shop and went on to coin the name “Lego” in 1934.  He derived “Lego” from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well.”  In a fortuitous coincidence, lego also means “I assemble” in Latin.

Lego has ingeniously evolved with the times, from such simple creations as the Lego Duck (1935), to the super sophisticated and complicated Lego aircrafts, space ships and battle tankers of today.  I have been so thrilled that my kids have actually preferred to spend hours doing something that required the use of their brains rather than to spend hours in front of mind-numbing electronic games.

I had been in Lego toy-purchasing heaven, well, I was until my kids discovered the Lego people parts hiding amongst those brightly-colored rectangles and squares. Once those discombobulated body parts were attached to their rightful heads, forget about the Death Star ship or the storm trooper vehicle, all my kids wanted was to role play with mini Darth Vader, mini Luke Skywalker and mini Hans Solo.  And please, don’t let me get started on what happens if one of those “people” gets lost.

My children are not the only creatures attracted to these little Lego people.  My cat loves them too.  He must think they’re some kind of weird, square-shaped  mini mice as he crazily paws them around  the living room. It’s a good thing Luke Skywalker’s light saber is fake, otherwise my cat would probably be limping around one-eyed and one-eared.

But anyway, my kids are still crazy for those Lego sets, and I’m still crazy enough to buy those sets, hoping and praying that the kids will actually build the darn space ship and not just pillage them for the Lego people within.  But no, it’s always the Lego people that they go for with gusto.  I have spent a small fortune buying all sorts of Lego sets,  and I think that’s enough.  I wish Lego would sell these mini people individually.  If for no other reason, it would save me a lot of money, and I wouldn’t have to live in fear of my cat actually eating one of the precious little darlings!

Let go my LEGO! Free the Lego people!