A New Category Is Born? Yes, it’s a bit presumptuous of me. But chalk it up to my excitement. I’ve decided to open up Books on Opinionista. I’ve hesitated for a few weeks. After all, why would you readers come to Opinionista for a book review when you have Amazon? Plus it’s not like I’m going to be reviewing in bulk.

But then I realized I was missing the point. You come to my site because in the words of Sally Field, “You like me, you really like me!” or more accurately, you like the way I write. So maybe you will also be interested in what I have to say about the books I read, which are quite varied and not insignificant in quantity, even though I don’t read half as much as I used to, because now I write.

The idea is to write short reviews as soon as I finish reading a book. That is, if I decide to write about the book I just finished reading. Sometimes I read trashy stuff that I would never admit to have read (either verbally or by writing a post about it). Oh, and when I mean trashy, I mean bad writing like Fifty Shades Of Grey‘s.  Books is an experiment that will show me whether or not I can keep to my objectives in terms of post length and timeliness, and if nothing else it will give me an outlet for my opinions…literally literary.

To be honest, I think I’m opening up Books because I’m running out of nasty things to say about the GOP and of nice things to say about the Democrats. I know I’m exaggerating especially about the latter, even though I’ve resolved millions of times not to do so. But exaggerate I do not when I rant about the chronic incompetence of my party when it comes to political communication.

Tut-tut, enough of that. I’d like to say that I hope you enjoy Books as much as I will enjoy writing for it. But, because of something to do with inspiration vs. perspiration, I actually hope that you enjoy it a lot more.


Note: I’ve moved Why I Will Never Read Fifty Shades Of Grey from Life to Books. It’s not so much a review as a condemnation, but it will do.