In case you’re new here, this is the “About” section that you find in most blogs. In my opinion, “About” is overused, hence the decision not to call it thus.

In case you’re not new here, this is a recycled and improved text from the one featured in (now closed).


Although the name Opinionista is pretty self-explanatory, an About section is an obligatory introduction on most blogs.  So here we go.

According to The Oxford dictionary—yes, I consulted it before writing this bit—a fashionista is a designer of haute couture and/or a devoted follower of fashion.  Then, the natural deduction is that an opinionista is a devoted follower of opinions.  If you love to read Op-Eds then Opinionista is for you.

But beyond that, I like to think that I’m an opinion designer just by the mere fact that I create most of the many opinions that I hold. Some being, admittedly, less “haute” than others.  Opinionista is my attempt to provide a space where we meet and share our opinions with each other. I started Opinionista back in 2012. At that time, .com was not available and I chose .us. But, I always wanted to have a .com address. As the guy who holds the domain is somewhere in Italy writing about politics in Italian, and not likely to give up the domain, I decided to get domain, even though I know that it’s better to drop the “the” (Sean Parker in The Social Network).

Opinionista was, at the onset, a collection of opinions on the U.S.:  its culture, its politics, and its television. Then, the opinions expanded to cover books and entertainment. As usual, there are also posts about life in general. Who knows, what will come next? Speaking of,


To be or not to be—out of the anonymity closet—is a question with which I have struggled for quite some time. I feel very strongly that today we simply reveal too much:  too much boob, too much butt, too much emotional baggage. I think that we need to bring back discretion, and even some degree of mystery, to our lives. But, that will be the subject of a future post.  So for now, and until I decide what to do, you will know me as The Opinionista.

However, I do want to reveal a few things about myself. I am a woman. I am very interested in the subject of communication:  in relationships, in relation to language and most of all in politics. I have tackled political communication several times in posts like The Donkey Chronicles, Obamacare: That’s Right, Obama Cares!, and You Say MediScare, We Say MediScarce. I use humor and sarcasm frequently and especially when writing about politics. Our current political climate is so toxic that I need to make fun of it. Otherwise, I’d spend my days crying.

I believe that 90% of families are dysfunctional. As a result, everyone (100%) should undergo at least one year of psychotherapy in their lifetime: 90% in order to fix the dysfunctions acquired from their family, and the remaining 10% in order to be able to deal with the dysfunctional 90%.

I love to read and, of course, I love to write. The Opinionista is born out of my desire to make a contribution, no matter how small, to the public discourse on the events that touch our lives. Some of these events are trivial while others are much more serious. We can laugh at the former and rail about the latter—together. Who knows?  If enough of us speak up, perhaps we can make a difference…someday.

I hope you join me. In the meantime, love, laugh, and live

The Opinionista.


By the way: The views and opinions expressed on blog posts are solely those of the original opinionistas (as they should be). These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of The Opinionista staff (me) or of The Opinionista (also me, when I’m not the post’s writer). Other contributions, such as reader comments also do not necessarily represent those of The Opinionista.

The images used on this site are either purchased from stock photography websites or taken from the web (usually public Google images). These images are chosen with two criteria:  1.  that they complement the post and 2. that they don’t seem to be someone’s unique and cherished work. If I happen to choose your cherished or copyrighted image (because I think that it’s awesome and/or it goes well with the post) it is without any intention to appropriate it.  Just shoot me an email and it will be taken down immediately.

Phew! Glad that’s over!