I don’t know about you, but it seems that if I’m away even for a short while from technology blogs or social media sites like Twitter, for example, I miss out on the latest and best thing since sliced bread. So, I put together this short list of the things that made me realize just how technologically outdated I am.

# 1.  You think that the only valid site extensions are .com and .net (oh, and .org for non-profits).

This happened to me while searching for domain names for this blog. I almost gave up on the name Opinionista because I couldn’t have .com (some guy in Milan has it).  I almost went for Opinionistica.com.   I think it’s much better that I now have .us—and us.

#2.  You have no idea what is Pinterest.

At first I kept reading Pinerest, but so many tweets mentioned it that I forced myself to decipher and then google it.  Wow, I discovered a whole new world— that I won’t have time to explore. Then, I noticed the Pin button at the bottom of the posts.  I have no idea how it got there.

#3.  You’re still not quite sure how Twitter works and you still complain about the 140-character limit.

In my quest to attract more followers, I’m terrified of doing something so anti-Twitter that the Twods (that’s Twitter gods) will strike me down with a suspension. I have so many questions that I just bought Twitter for Dummies on Kindle (at least I know how to do that). The worst, though, is meeting the 140-character limit. Do you have any idea how hard that is for someone like me who suffers from chronic logorhea?

#4.  You have no idea how to put code from other sites on yours and you can’t understand the “very simple instructions” to do so.

Yes, I know that I’m supposed to copy/paste. But where do I paste? I just don’t understand, ok?

#5.  I forgot #5.

I had it on the notes that normally sync to my computer, but I must have pressed the wrong button and deleted them. 🙁


I have to go now.  Time for me to discover the heavenly (as in automatic) sync feature of  iCloud.  I wonder….will it be hell to set it up?


Note: Yeah, I never got used to the .us. After 4 years, I went for the .com, theopinionista.com.