Aaaaargh, those damn Republicans.  They’re spoiling it for us, and they’ve been doing it since:

2008:  When Obama won the presidential election and they decided to be the “Party of No”

2004:    When Bush won a second term, even though he had lied about Iraq’s WMD’s

2000:    When Bush stole the presidency from Al Gore.

Republicans have been messing with us for quite a long time now. If I stick to recent history, I’m talking about the past 12 years.  If I count  Ronald Reagan and his brilliant Reaganomics, which tripled the national deficit and increased the gap between rich and poor, and  the mother  father of all screw-ups:  Richard Nixon’s Watergate, then they’ve been screwing us (sorry but there’s no better way to express it) for the past 30 years more or less.

This year we know that the Republicans have declared a war on women. They have messed with Planned Parenthood, have passed ultrasound requirements before abortions in some states, have fought insurance coverage for birth control pills that led to Rush Limbaugh’s “Slut Attack” on Sandra Fluke, and have fiercely opposed re-signing the Violence Against Women Act.

I’m mad as hell and I know that millions of us, women, feel the same way.   We’re going to show them  exactly how mad we are, in November,  and they won’t know what hit them:  PMS, the wrath of scorned women, and the kitchen sink, to name a few.

But let me tell you what else has me upset about the Republicans lately:  They’ve spoiled “WOW” for me. These are the’s definitions of WOW:

1. Interjection:  An exclamation of surprise, wonder, pleasure, or the like: Wow! Look at that!

2. Verb (used with object):  To gain an enthusiastic response from; thrill.

3.  Noun:  An extraordinary success: His act is a real wow.

4.  Excitement, interest, great pleasure, or the like: a car that will add some wow to your life.

Now, every time I say “wow” (and I say it a lot considering I have two boys under the age of 12), the thought that pops right after I say it is, “War On Women.”   Damn those Republicans.  Leave it to them to spoil a perfectly good interjection, as if they’re not doing enough damage already!  What’s wrong with them? Frankly, I think it has to do with sex.  I mean they’re obsessed with it (think Rush Limbaugh asking Sandra Fluke to tape herself so that we could watch).   What was that about?  Are they deprived or depraved?  Well, that’s the subject of another post.

In the meantime, I can think of a good way to use “wow”:  WOW, they’re such a-holes!