“What’s on your mind?” and “What’s happening?” ask Facebook and Twitter, respectively.  I’m on holiday, traveling around, and I haven’t been inspired to write, at all.  I’ve been busy, and not at all.

To answer Twitter:   I’ve been watching Suits (a TV show I’ve only recently discovered and to which I’m totally addicted), following the Olympics, and reading Quiet: The Power Of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking (a book that EVERYONE should read, especially quiet people who wish they were louder).

To answer Facebook, I can say that there’s a lot on my mind.  While I’ve been taking a break from the keyboard, my brain has been busy pondering (in no order of importance):

-Why aren’t there more crazy people in the world considering we are inhabiting a blue ball in the middle of an infinite blackness, and that we are reminded of this fact every time we click on Google Earth?

-Why has Apple named all its Mac OS X software programs after big cats?  Is it a subliminal message that they’re winning the rat race?  Is each software upgrade also a cat upgrade?  For instance, I can see why a snow leopard would top a basic leopard (who doesn’t have to deal with frigid weather).  But, is a mountain lion really stronger, faster, more powerful than a snow leopard? And what cat will top the mountain lion?

-Why are Olympic commentators such drama queens?  I, for one, can witness the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat without all the sentimental gibberish.

-Who ever said that a manicure featuring different nail polish on each fingernail looks good?

-Why can’t I get Siri on my iPhone to work properly?

-Why are we so obsessed with age?  Take these two examples about celebrity news :

As the new issue of US Weekly reports, Stewart, 22, and Pattinson’s romance of more than three years seemed stronger than ever in recent months. At least from the point of view of Pattinson, 26, who began making plans to propose to Stewart and “spend the rest of his life with her,” according to a pal.


The Daily Mail has photos of the That ’70s show twosome at LAX on Sunday morning. Kutcher, 34, has his arm around her. Kunis, 28, is leaning into him. And they both have their pants rolled up at the cuffs.[USA Today]

What added value (assuming these statements have any value to begin with) is gained by stating the actors’ ages? I can understand including someone’s age in an obituary, but what’s the point otherwise?

-Speaking of dying, why did Nora Ephron & Gore Vidal have to die, or Einstein for that matter?

So these are a few of my current thoughts joining the perpetual ones like,” “What’s the meaning of life?,” “Where do we come from?,” and “What will I have for breakfast today?”  I should really get back to writing more often.  This is what happens when you think too much.

I could ask Siri most of these questions, but “he” still doesn’t understand me, or is it that I don’t understand “him”?


 image: isecretlyconfess.wordpress.com