In one of my many pre-election tweets, I wrote that it would be great if Romney would only get 47% of the popular vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

At present, David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report is tallying the popular votes and finds that Romney is currently at 47.49% and continuing to drop.  He projects that the final result will be 47.1% or 47.2%,  since a large number of outstanding votes are coming from New York and California which predominantly voted for President Obama.

Aaron Blake of The Washington Post stated in an article on November 26th, “By virtue of rounding, Romney’s share of the popular vote will be recorded here and elsewhere as 47 percent, so long as it doesn’t rise above 47.5 percent again.”

You can imagine my surprise (and pleasure) to find out that my wishful tweet is coming true after all.  Yes, pleasure.  I know I’m not showing the adequate sportsmanship, or should I say “politicalwomanship” towards Mitt Romney but, honestly, you can’t blame me.  First, he made his outrageous 47% speech, defended it, and took forever to apologize for it (only doing so after the first Presidential debate).

Then, after the election, he confirmed his belief that 47% of Americans are freeloaders when he explained that President Obama’s gifts to young voters and minorities had cost him the election.

So, yes, I’m happy to beat on this particular dead horse.  Not only does he not understand the country that he aspired to lead, he’s a sore loser who cannot keep his mouth shut even after he’s [politically] dead.

Yes, I find it incredibly karmic that Mitt Romney will go down in history as the candidate who made the 47% speech and who only got 47% of the people’s vote, as a result.  There is justice after all.